Computer Aided Flat Pattern Nesting
AutoNEST is a computer aided nesting software for the optimal use of stock sheet materials. The application is suitable in shipbuilding, heavy engineering, fabrication, synthetic leather/fabric goods and furniture manufacture.

AutoNEST is the solution to quick material estimation for purchasing requirements and shop floor cutting plans.
With automatic generation of nested layouts, AutoNEST reduces man-hours and maximizes material usage in different manufacturing conditions. AutoNEST-FX module enhances the output plans with detailed information on parts, stock materials, weights and cutting plan reports. AutoNEST also links with other NC software and CAD packages.

Key Benefits

  • Saves time and resources in generating cutting plans and optimizing materials
  • Automatic generation of Cutting Plans and Reports.
  • Improves material utilizations and Project Management capability.
  • The percentage usage and weight of used material and scrap material are automatically reported along with the detailed information of each part nested.
  • And more…!